Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vernon Gholston Plays Name Game In First Day of Class

Hey, guess what? The first days of a football player's NFL career are just like College orientation. Jets first round pick and rookie linebacker Vernon Gholston's first task at mini-camp was to name the 84 other players on the roster per the New York Post.

And people question Mangini's man-genius, for shame. After Gholston failed the crucial test, Man-gina (as in, "Gina, actually. What's up?") told the former Buckeye not to be upset, he still had plenty of fun ice-breaking games to play.

Gholston then played "I Like People Who..." followed by Charades, where he finished with the second highest score ever (Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet hold the record). Then VG took the field and Alan Faneca introduced himself by repeatedly clubbing the defensive end in the legs with a kendo stick.... and landed one shot upstairs, but everything's cool.

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