Monday, July 7, 2008

Tatupu Pleads Guilty To Charges of Riding Dirty

Today Seattle Seahawks pro-bowl linebacker Lofa Tatupu plead guilty to his DUI charges he picked up on May 10, according to the Seattle Times. As a result the former USC linebacker will have to spend one day in jail.

Let's not kid ourselves here. Coach Ryan knows (of course, not from personal experience... Coach Ryan reads a lot) how this kind of run around works. Tatupu gets sentenced. People are happy that he is punished. He reports for jail. Spends two hours, in custody, not jail, just in custody. Then the magistrate or whoever says, "Wow, things are sure over crowded here, I wonder if there is someone we could let go to alleviate the problem." Then, like a good little boy, Lofa raises his hand and says, "I learned my lesson. I'll never do it again. You can let me out." The Magistrate agrees. The Seattle Times never follows up on the fact that Tatupu serves two hours out of the 24 he was supposed to and we all forget that this whole thing happened.

Meanwhile, Lofa goes home and maybe not in the same day he was release, but definitely in the first week, he's back riding dirty from club to club. And to be clear, Coach Ryan can only condone one style of riding dirty; that is of course, the fine art of ghost riding.

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