Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bursa Sac Tea-bags Manning

With training camp just a week away, there's bound to be some great pre-season injuries, but we didn't even have to wait for that to watch a franchise player screw his team over.

The Indianpolis Star reports that Peyton Manning will be out for a month and a half after the QB underwent knee surgery.

No word as to how long Manning will be out as doctors remove the tumor that he calls his fore head.

The Colts are now without Manning, and it's doubtful as to whether Dwight Freeney or Bob Sanders will be healthy enough to practice during training camp.

Looks this could be the beginning of the end. And that end begins with the Jim Sorgi era. It's an era that will undoubtedly end in the retraction of the Colts franchise from the NFL.

As such, Coach Ryan is sure Colts fans everywhere are praying that Manning doesn't spend the rest of the summer soaking up the sun with life partner Kenny Chesney and instead decides to break down some film occasionally.

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