Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Roger Goodell Doesn't Care About Young People

Speaking from his throne at some sort of town hall meeting, Roger "The Hammer" Goodell criticized the current rookie pay scale, describing it as "ridiculous." Goodell went on to note that he had not seen this kind of pandemonium since Ridiculous Day down at the deli, when prices were so low, it was ridiculous.

Gene Upshaw went on Sirius NFL Radio and vowed to maintain the status quo. America doesn't want to see the rookies work. They want to see them live. The head of the players union also added that he doesn't really fuck around with Goodell because he ain't baller.

All jokes aside, this rookie pay scale only rewards playing well in college and doing well at the combine. If these players think that they're so great, it would actually be in their best interest to have the veterans get the biggest chunk of change rather than just the top ten in each draft. Only 5% of the NFL gets paid as rookies. The others have to work for a big money contract so Upshaw is out of his minds if he thinks that he's representing the majority of the players union by supporting the current system, and the players are dumbing than we already think they are if they don't push to make some changes. But then again, how can a guy like Pacman Jones enjoy Dinosaur eggs benedict with out getting tons of money early on. Here's a tour of Gene Upshaw's house.

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