Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fear The Gap

Just barely retired, Michael Strahan is already straight pimping his shit. In a segment for the NFL Network, Strahan interviews Alicia Keys about... well, actually he doesn't interview her as much as he talks about himself and his "ten table stunna." You know what they say about guys with big rings? That's right. Freshly divorced, look for Strahan to absolutely plow through B and C list celebrities. It doesn't look like Keyes is all that interested, but Audrina Patridge or Heidi Montag? Open game.

Unlike Brett Farve, Coach Ryan gets the feeling that Strahan is pretty comfortable with life after football Maybe that "itch to play" would go away if #4 hit the streets hustling instead of tuning his banjo on the porch. Here's recent some footage of Favre and company to demonstrate my point.

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