Saturday, July 26, 2008

Matt Leinart Prepares for Big Season, Jager Bombs

In 2006 it was widely perceived that the Arizona Cardinals got away with grand larceny when Matt Leinart unexpectedly slid, not getting drafted in the first nine picks. The Cards tagged him at ten, and with a stable of receivers and the recent signing of Edgerrin "Fuck Joseph Addai" James, the Cardinals were a shoe in to be the Colts by 2008.

Well Leinart hasn't quite enjoyed the fairy-tale story that the NFL sports writers wrote prematurely in 2006. Don't feel bad Matt, Joey Harrington had the same thing happen to him in 2005. It's tough on them streets.

Anyways, buried deep in the webpage, Arash Markazi has taken a moment from rubbing in pomade into his hair with a comb to jump into a deep look at Leinart and what the 2008 campaign means for the former USC star.

Allow Coach Ryan to cut to the chase. If Leinart's season goes well, he will do this.

If Leinart has a shitty season you can expect something like this.

Wait for it.....


Ahhhhh yes. Coach Ryan apologizes, for the dramatic effect. It worked for Mel Gibson with William Wallace, thought we'd give it a shot.

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