Sunday, July 6, 2008

Can I Ball?

Ex-Bengal wide receiver Chris "Get The Fuck Off Me" Henry just wants to ball. Henry recentely appeared on a local Cincinnati sportstalk radio show and said he is all business now and just wants to ball. He says its been a long three months not being on a ballclub and a loner three months not being at a nightclub. He also says he aint tryin to go back to court because last time he was there the judge called him out for over 3 minutes. 3 minutes? Damn, wrap that shit up B!

Here is the video of the real judge. It isn't so much, "You are a dumb person who disobeys the law and throws away opportunities." It is more along the lines of, "I'm a huge Bengals fan and you're an asshole for messing up my team. We had the best wide receiver trio in the league!" Seriously:

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