Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing Is Fucked

Brigid Schulte of the Atlanta Journal (god bless her heart) has written a fantastic piece on a certain group of dogs. These dogs may or may not have been involved in dog fighting that may or may not have been somehow very distantly associated with Michael Vick. (Coach Ken still doesn't see any proof. Confessions...shmunfessions. And why the hell didn't the dogs get charged with anything. Hippy bullshit.) Anywhoo, these dogs are fine. Everyone wanted these dogs killed saying they were too aggressive. Crazy animal rights groups called them "ticking time-bombs." Well, turns out thats all poppycock. Instead of killing them, the generous Mr. Vick donated $1 million dollars in care for these dogs (don't worry about whether someone made him do it...erroneus.)

The dogs are being adopted left and right (I got three of them just yesterday.) Plus, some of the dogs are giving back to the community. One dog, named Leo, visits cancer patients as a certified therapy dog in California. No bullshit, read the article. You can't make this shit up. Another dog named Hector has been adopted and is about to start training for national flying disc competitions in Minnesota. Thanks to Mr. Vick, my money is on Hector taking home the gold. So quit hatin on MV. And quit hating on Michael Jackson. He made thriller....thriller!

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