Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris Henry Slipprier Than Goose Shit on a Pump Handle

Maybe the great state of Ohio just has complete boobs for prosecuting attorneys, but it's look more and more like the former bengal just can't be jailed. Assault and battery charges against the wide-out have been dropped according to the associate press.

Henry does his best to committ as many crimes as humanely possible and these lawyers cannot, for their fucking lives, get a charge to stick.

The good news is that Henry's suspension will likely be over because these charges are what got him the boot from Roger "The Hammer" Gooddell.

Somewhere Coach Ken is crying because everyone knows that there is only one team "clever" enough to sign Henry. Get your Henry bashing in early everyone, because if he lands in Dallas, T.O. will fight for him to the death

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