Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Can't They Just Let Vick Be, Egh?

Coach Ryan lives for NFL news... and steak, but mostly NFL news. Brett Favre and his bullshit is not news, much less good steak. It is simply bullshit, call Coach Ryan when it is news. Actually, don't. Don't call Coach Ryan, fuck Brett Favre. Coach Ryan hates him and he stinks. He breaths up all the white man's air. He thinks he's the best dancer. And did Coach Ryan mention he stinks already?

But here is some news. Deep in the depths of jail the greatest quarterback in NFL history is asking for some time, just a little bit, nothing special, just some time to work on those bankruptcy papers... according to the Associated Press of course.

Give the man a chance. It's bad enough that he's serving time that most corrupt politcians (Karl Rove, Scoot Libby), corrupt NBA officials (Donaghy and co.), corrupt financials fucks (Indybanc, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac), corrupt oil officials (OPEC), corrupt oil companies (Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Chevron), mudering gamblers (O.J., Ray Lewis) serial rapists (Mark Chemura), polygamists (Texas anyone?), and of course anyone else in the NFL that drives drunk, assualts, batters, punches pregnant women in the stomach, or whatever else you can do bad that lands you in jail, will serve (Chris Henry, Jared Allen, Kalvin Pearson, just to name a few).

So give the fucking guy a fucking chance. Dogs. Mean dogs that love to eat little children and fight. He spared us. Spared little children from getting eaten by mean ass dogs walking across the street. He did it by building a kennel, breeding them and making them fight each other, in an effort to find a super dog, copy it's DNA and develop a cure for sick dying ass kids who get attacked by dogs, so they could fight back. Pacman Jones and Chris Henry's gay Mountaineer asses get ten and eleven chances, #7 gets none? It's bullshit.

Give the man a fair break to get his life together for fucks sake, ehg? Let the man piece it back together, egh?

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