Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got Any Spare Change... I Got These Chesseburgers

The Chris Henry Show continues. We already told you he is broke. Now he wants help from us taxpayers. Chris Henry's trial for assault was declared a mistrial last week, and since then he declared for bankruptcy. Well the bank jacked his house, his jacked up SUV with plasma flat-screens in the head rests (smart purchase Chris), and now Chris doesn't have any money to get a trial record for the new trial. So, like any broke motherfucker, he asks someone else for money. Maybe he's got some cheeseburgers??

Well, I guess Chris didn't have any cheeseburgers, so he has done the next logical thing: asked for some taxpayer dollars. Now Coach Ken doesn't know exactly how this works, if there is a box to check on my W-2 that says dont give any broke criminals who have made millions playing sports any of my money. But if there is, I checked it. But either way its bullshit. Maybe if Chris was originally smarter with his millions, this wouldn't be a problem. Because we all know cash rules everything around us. Cream... get that money...dollar dollar bill y'all. So step to the Wu... Wu-Tang Financial... and diversify your bonds Chris:

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