Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thug 4 Life, High 'Til I Die

The NFL is making too much money and has too much free time. In a move that makes the Goodell era look more and more like the Big Brother Bush administration, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that the league will be on the look out for players throwing out gang related signals.

Who cares. Coach Ryan doesn't see a problem with gangs. A few drinks with the crew, some card games. What's the problem?

Coach Ryan is pretty sure that if it's legal to join a fraternity, it's legal to join a gang. What's illegal is committing crimes. But if Javon Walker or Maurice Jones-Drew want to wear their colors for the crips and bloods, fuck it, let them. Let's not forget the Latin Kings. They need love too.

Maybe the NFL should stop worrying about who's in what gang and focus on getting all these guys into the rec center for a lock in to settle everyone's differences.

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