Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trent Dilfer Wraps It Up, B

The word out in Stateline, Nevada (what a dumb fucking name for a town, right?) is that Trent Dilfer is calling it a career. Not surprisingly, he was a free agent.

He "led" the Ravens to a Super Bowl in 2000 and was rewarded by the Baltimore management with a pink slip. Dilfer signed with Seattle in 2001. Played sparringly. Then rode pine until 2005 when he took over the mess that Jeff "Chest Hair Is For Pussies" Garcia left in Cleveland. This past season Dilfer got another shot to put his 70.2 career passer rating to use in San Fransico when Alex "Baby Hands" Smith went down with injury.

Few amazingly average quarterbacks have milked more snaps than Dilfer, although Jon Kitna and Rex Grossman are doing their best. But as it stands today, Trent Dilfer is the showcase in the Pantheon of Mediocrity, which doesn't exist... yet. But it should. Coach Ryan would go see it.

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