Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bob Sanders Goes Soul Searching

In a bit for the NFL Network Jamie Dukes takes Bob Sanders around to come up with a fitting nick-name for the greatest safety of all-time ever in the history of the game, ever. Known as "The Hitman" as Iowa, apparently the time has come to spice things up.

The bit goes downhill fast (Sanders takes suggestions such as "The Animal","The Wildcat", "The Stopper", and "The Dreaded Destroyer") until out of nowhere, someone channels his best Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder and drops Bob "The Colonel" Sanders.

Of course no NFLN bit is complete with out a cameo appearance from Deon Sanders. Primetime comes up with "The Difference".

In the end, Sanders opts for "Sofa", because when he its you, it sofa. Lame. If we're roll will names like that, Coach Ryan suggests Bob "The Plunger" Sanders, because he'll fuck with your shit.

"The Colonel" is definitely the winner here, if only for the fact that it will serve as a constant reminder to the countless players who get coerced by the league not to do work for its network in these pointless filler bits. Having to stop by the NFL Network for a player is like having jury duty for an everyday citizen.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity for Coach Ryan to point out the similarity to the kinds of things Don Imus says, and the kinds of things that got The Greek shit canned. Here's a real gem.

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