Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barbaro and Eight Belles Scenario In Indy?

The Indianapolis Star reports the three Colt defenders will most likely begin training camp on the physically unable to play list (PUP). Two of them actually matter. First up is former highest paid defensive end Dwight Freeney ( Jared "The Drunk" Allen is the top dog these days). Freeney suffered the dreaded linsfranc ankle injury to end his 2007 season. Second is The Bob Sanders. His shoulder hurts.

With Sean "Nickle, Dime and Jew" Sallisbury gone from ESPN, the possibilty exists that Bob Sanders won't get the praise that he deserves. Bob Sanders was Chuck Norris before it was cool to be Chuck Norris. Bob Sanders' Madden rating is infinity. Bob Sanders isn't even injured. He's actually too healthy to play. They have to keep him off the field because he's so nasty at full strength there wouldn't be enough caskets to bury the lifeless corpses he leaves in his path. To ensure that millions upon millions of our readers never forget just how good Bob Sanders is we ask that you watch this montage below. The only way to understand just how truly amazing Bob Sanders is to watch his highlights with Linkin Park background music. Linkin Park background is essential to any highlight reel. Viewers here it and go "Oh fuck! This guy must be boss hog, I hear Linkin Park." Enjoy.

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