Monday, July 28, 2008

Marshawn Lynch: You Can't See Me

The Buffalo Bills and their running back got some good news today. The NFL has decided to let Lynch's little hit run escapade isn't suspension worthy according to the CBC.

How the fuck? Goodell suspended Adam Jones and he hadn't been confessed much less been found guilty in the court of law but he got the boot for a year. Lynch was rolling dirty and ran off when he got his whip tangled up with some old crusty bitch.

Maybe Goodell just feels sorry for the Bills, and doesn't want to the team's last year in Buffalo to be crippled by a suspension. Coach Ryan figured Lynch would get alteast one, possibly two games, which is completely justified. Instead Goodell decides to say boys will be boys.

But let it be known: there is a precedent for Lynch and his propensity to drive dirty. Lynch used to roll extra dirty back in Cali-Cali.

But what if Goodell is just setting Lynch up?

It seems entirely possible that Goodell is waiting in the weeds, like a snake, patiently silent before the stike. Dare Coach Ryan say a Texas rattle-snake? Lynch might be saying you can't see me and then out of know where- he's gets a fucking stunner from Goodell.

That's almost too baller. Almost.

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