Monday, July 7, 2008

Mike Williams: Once, Twice, Three Times A Bust

Ahhh yes. Coach Ryan has been waiting for a piece like this. Nothing brings a smile to his face like a "Hey, maybe Mike Williams will be good this year," write-up. This particular line of bullshit comes not from Detroit or Oakland, but good ol' Tennessee.

Apparently, after three years of eating never frozen burgers from Wendy's (Mmmm, Baconater...) BMW is ready to take the NFL by storm like he was supposed to back 2005 when Matt Millen picked him over Derrick Johnson and Shawn Merriman (Coach Ryan is doing his best to hold it together here).

Slim and trim, Williams thinks he's ready to be the guy in Tennessee. Unfortunately from the former USC standout, he will have to pass someone on the Titans depth chart to make the team. Let's see, Justin Gage, Justin McCareins, Biren Early, and Lovelle Hawkins. These are familiar names. Maybe the real question here is not whether or not Williams will flop again, but rather, does Tennessee plan to run more than a one receiver set.

Allow Coach Ryan to save you some time. In 2008 Mike Williams will continue to disappoint, get cut, get fat again and disappear (in a purely philosophical sense, of course). Now, as for that 10.7 million dollars that BMW earned from his rookie contract (that's right, now who's for restructuring), he better save that money. It's about cutting corners and being innovative. Here's a quick how to on both, Big Mike Williams style.

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