Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lions Going to TKO the Queers in the NFC North

Shameless post? Yes.

It's been atleast three years since Coach Ryan can remember a free agent move that made sense for his Detroit Lions. Dewayne White is legit, but Fernando Bryant, Damien Woody, Bill Schroeder, that's not exactly much to brag about.

While his he's past his prime Coach Ryan is happy to announce that the Detroit Free Press says it's just about a lock that Takeo Spikes dons that honolulu blue this year. And thank the fuck Christ. If you haven't heard, we've got problems on D and our second round pick Jordan Dizon isn't signed yet, and isn't exactly a guarantee to be great. So it's nice to have TKO ready to go because even if we get three games at 50% from TKO, we'll be better off.

Good signing. Lions in 2008. Where's the booze at?

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