Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Don't Call It A Comeback...

Brett Favre's been here for years. According to Chris Mortensen at ESPN, the old gunslinger has reached out to Coach Mike "Tubs" McCarthy to talk about the possibility of a comeback.

If Brady Quinn thinks he's got it bad with Derek Anderson's recently flourishing career, he should ask Aaron Rodgers what its like to hold a clipboard for the first four years of his career. Coach Ryan loves the fact that Rodgers could potentially fulfill his five year contract with out making a single a start.

The question remains, would a Favre return make the Packers better or worse? The answer; who cares?

The only good news for Rodgers is that a Farve return might actually make A-Rod some more money. When his contract runs up, the jury will still be out to whether or not he can play. And in the NFL that means you deserve a starting job. Just ask Matt Schaub, or Jon Kitna about getting rich off of bench play. Anyways, sooner or later Rodgers is going to sick of the Packers undying commitment to a legend who will at best have an even touchdown to interception ratio. He's going to say "Screw you guys..."

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