Saturday, July 12, 2008

Redskin Label Secure In Hands Of Old White Bitch Judges

In the least funny post Coach Ryan tends to post for a while, listen to this bullshit. A U.S. District judge has shut down a claim by a group of Native-Americans that "Redskins" name is not racist. Well not exatcly, what this old fuck (a season ticket holder undoubetly) did was throw it out of court because the plaintiffs waited to long?.

Brilliant fucking piece of law. No one is ever too old, or has waited too long to earn the right to justice. It's okay to free wrongly jailed persons based on DNA. But justice for those not in jail, fuck 'em right?

Allow Coach Ryan to chanel one of both his and Coach Ken's favorite coaches of all time, the great Coach Paolo Polanah. If the "Redskins" were instead called the "Washington Sambo's" and had an image of Amos and/or Andy in black face, would this ruling be the same? What Coach Ryan is getting at, is race wars.

Because there is no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton pleading for Native-Americans, this is getting no publicity. This is a FUBAR ruling no matter how you look at. Personally, Coach Ryan is all for making the Redskins find a different name, because let's be honest, it has no ties to Washington, and no ties to football. This old bitch should step the fuck up and stop pussy-footing around it and say "Yes is racist" or "No, it's not racist," at the bare minimum. Not some fence-sitting equivocational faggotry. This is what you get paid to do. Fucking do your job and don't come up with some horse shit excuse in place of it. It is what it is, decide you old cunt (oh, is that offensive to women?).

There is no doubt in Coach Ryan's mind that if the Redskins were instead the "Washington Uncle Toms" there would be a fucking fiasco. There isn't a team in all of sports that references skin color like the redskins. There's not doubt if the team's name was the Washington "Bleading Minges" things would change for this judge

Let's be real, the Washington Bullets had to change their name, is it that crazy to make the football team do the same. You know that if it was the Washington "Gooks" shit would happen.

Cleveland Indians? That's pretty close. Would you call a Native-America an "Indian" to his face? Florida State Seminoles, no problem, the Seminole tribe backs the name. But if the "Fighting Illini" has to become the just the "Illini" then the "Redskins" defitnitely need some work. Coach Ryan thinks that perhaps the most suiting name would be the Washington "Foot-tapping Faggots" in honor of senator Larry Craig. That'd be the day. Suits their franchise and fan base.

Too prejudice? Coach's Ryan's point exactly.

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