Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cowboys Ink Hamlin, Prepare Negotiations With Henry

It's a Cowboys story so Coach Ryan had to scoop it. "America's Team" has signed saftey Ken Hamlin to a six year deal according to the Dallas Morning News' Todd Archer (no relation to Sean Archer from Faceoff, although Top Dollar Coaching does recognize the possibilty may exist, what given with today's technological advancements).

Hamlin came to Dallas in 2007 from Kansas City in 1960 via the Delorian and its flux capacitor . The short stop was magnificent last year as he transitioned to safety and made the Pro Bowl, which made up for the other two members of the Dallas secondary that stink.

With Hamlin on board for the long haul, now is the perfect time for "Double JJ" Jerry Jones to address that second safety. Coach Ryan says if the Cowboys plan to do anything other than stack eight in the box, Roy "Horse-Collar Me Bad" Williams needs to get the ax.

But Coach Ryan doesn't want to hate on the Cowboys too hard. This man below says it all. He's made from real texans so you know he's good. It's tough on them streets. Especially if you're over weight and have to wear a winter hat in Dallas.

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