Friday, July 25, 2008

1-2-3-4 Aquan Deserves More... Money (Internet Money?)

While Drew Rosenhaus may not be Stephen Aboutmen of the WGA (yes, the World Canadian Bureau) it appears that he and one of his clients, Anquan Boldin, have had about enough.

According to the East Valley Tribune (sounds more like a mall than a paper), Boldin is done talking to the Cardinals about a new deal. He'll play his extension out and that's fucking it. Oh, and apparently this has nothing to do with Larry Fitzgerald.

Coach Ryan remembers the wrath of Larry Fitzgerald, it happened twice. It was his freshman year. It was the second day of November. The gay ass Panthers rolled in and ruined our undefeated season. Those cock suckers. Then they broke our balls again in 2003. It was all Fitzgerald all the way, and all on Deangelo Hall, who stinks.

Side note: After the Pitt loss in 02, Deangelo Hall guaranteed victory against Syracuse. Guess who's ass was toasted on almost every play as the Orangemen beat the Hokies in triple OT. D-Hall is correct. D-Hall blew the two more of the next three games. And we had the untouchables too. Godammit!

Anyways, Coach Ryan digresses. What he was getting at was the fact that Larry's contract has crippled the Cardinals organization. It was too much money, and they don't have the wiggle room for the guy who doesn't have the Fitz finesse, but is like a super Hines Ward in that he's money on running plays, and beefs his way down the field as good as T.O. does.

Major asset. Major set back. Next year he'll sign with Chicago and be really money and the Bears will go on a tear of ass-fuckings and the Cardinals will continue to be not good.

Anquan Boldin and Drew Rosenhaus are not the Cardinals friends, guy.

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