Sunday, July 6, 2008

All These Guys We Sign, Don't Be Like Them

While the breaking news at the symposium for this years rookies was the throw down between Aqib "I Could Give A Fuck About My Draft Status" Talib and some Gamecock who's bringing crack back, Joe Biddle reports perhaps the most intriguing news item came from Jeff "Bullock" Fisher.

Fisher went wild on just about every player that took the field for him. Fisher pointed out Vince "What The Fuck Is A White T?" Young. And of course, Travis "What The Fuck Is A Condom" Henry was a point of emphasis too. Missing in the speech was Fisher's boy Mr. Adam "TNA" Jones.

Bottom line, Coach Ryan has to tip his hat to Fisher in what, let's be honest here, is a clear shoutout to management for supplying the Titans coach with some real winners.

Fisher closed his speech saying, "And please, if you ever play for me, don't fucking stomp on someone's head like Haynesworth. I can't believe we franchised him. That mother fucker. I swear to Christ. Who's in charge of scouting. I told that Croat a thousand times I don't fucking roll on Shabis."

Coach Ryan is a big fan of Fisher. He tells it like it is. Keeps it real. And sometime keeping it real goes wrong (You the man????). But when you look like Seth Bullock, if keeping it real is wrong, Coach Ryan doesn't want to be right.

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