Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chris Henry Wants More Money (How About Some Of That Internet Money?)

Reports out of the wondeful state of Ohio are that former Bengal wide-out Chris Henry is trying to ride Michael Vick's coat tails by claiming he's broke too. It's the perfect news item for Coach Ryan to segue into a daily segment of "You know what really grinds my gears,"

You know it really grinds my gears that Chris Henry is broke and out of jail, while Michael Vick is broke and in jail. Henry, who played at WVU in his college days (Oh what happened in 2004 Chris? Beatdown.), has been arrested more than a handful of times for various crimes that include assault, aggrivated assault with a firearm, DUI, driving uninsured without a licsence, possesion of illegal substances, getting young girls drunk (well that's not really a crime, but they arrested him anyways) and of course, violation of probation.

Henry's time in jail: 2 fucking days.

Michael Vick got a bunch of mean dogs to fight each other.

Vick's time in jail: 8 months so far. He will serve atleast 18 months.

So to recap, it's okay to pistol whip people and to drive around uninsured, drunk, high and without a liscence. And you can do it with a bunch of really young drunk sluts in the back seat. But don't be mean to dogs. PETA is gay. And so is everyone hating on Coach Ryan's boy #7.

Add this up with the fact that Chris Henry sucked and Michael Vick was fucking baller, and you've got gears. Gears that are grinding. Hard.

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