Friday, August 1, 2008

Jon Kitna Ready to Atone for 2007 Second Half Sins

Coach Ryan and the Detroit Lions are like tuna fish and salad.... or spaghetti and meatballs if you prefer that anology better.

While the Lions inability to post a winning record does not embarass this Coach, Jon Kitna's christian hat wearing and and bible quoting act is wearing thin.

As the USA Today rolls through one camp at a time, today is the Lions turn on the best sports page in America, and it's all about Kitna.

What bothers Coach Ryan is this:

Jon Kitna loves god. Loves him more than anything else. In return for the love and the endless preaching, God rewards Kitna by making him the most sacked quarterback in the league two years in a row. When he gets sacked, or really, even when he doesn't, he likes to fumble. When he can't find the time to fumble he usually reverts to interceptions. This is God's reward for Kitna's love.

But with that criticism aside, when you sport the Honolulu blue and silver, you'll always be in Coach Ryan's good book (not that good book). Kitna, you're all right. Just take it easy on us binge-drinking sinners. We're a cool group too. Let's be real, we're all just looking for a proverbs 23 woman.

This video is 23 minutes long. All of it is gold. Here's a question as you listen to the great preacher Kitna, which is more baller, his hat or his Air Jordan beater? Sub question, does Jon Kitna get a rock hard dick when he reads scripture?

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