Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brett Favre Traded to Jets: Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful

Brett Farve is a Jet. How does this effect Coach Ryan's Jet predictions from a few days ago? It doesn't. They'll still stink.

There you go. Now someone tell the fucking wolves at ESPN to calm the fuck down and try covering actual sporting events. What has this network become MTV? Fuck me.

If so Coach Ryan has no qualms about turning this bus around. That'll end ESPN's field trip pretty damn quick.

Oh by the way, how fucking great is it that ESPN sends seven fucking reporters to Green Bay for the last month and now Fox Sports broke the news. Hmmmm, Greta Van Sustren from Fox News gets the first exclusive interview, Fox Sports breaks the story of the trade. Coach Ryan's powers of deduction tell him that Favre prefers the Fox network over the World Wide Leader in Sports. Sucks to be you John Clayton, Len Pasquerelli, Chris Mortensen. You can kiss Jay Glazer's balls. But be gentle, that goes especially for you Clayton, you sick bastard.


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