Saturday, August 2, 2008

NFL Wide-Outs Are Bat Shit Crazy

It looks like Steve Smith will be helping his team win games from the sidelines for the first two games of the year as the Carolina Panthers announced that they will suspend their star according to reports out of the Charlotte Observer.

On the other coast Javon Walker's bizarre career took another bizarre turn. Chris Mortensen reports that Raiders owner Al "The Rat" Davis recently had to talk Walker out of retirement. Apparently Walker and his busted up cheek bone performed so badly in camp that the reciever couldn't take it anymore and even offered to pay back some money.

Let's review Javon Walker's career briefly. 2004: Becomes a star in Green Bay. 2005: demands money, holds out. Week 1 of 2005: Coach Ryan's Lions tear apart Walkers ACL. 2006 Walker is traded to Denver, has great season. New Year's 2007: Walker watches teammate Darrent Williams bleed to death in his arms. Entire 2007 season: Walker's knees buckle again. 2008: Walker has the shit kicked out of him in Las Vegas. Present day: Walker contemplates retirement.

In four years, that's a pretty jam packed resume.

So basically, if you have a reciever that doesn't consistently punch teammates in the face or have major self-esteem issues with bad knees, consider yourself lucky.

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