Friday, February 13, 2009

Michael Vick Coming To A Town Near You?

It's been two very long years for Michael Vick, but it appears that the quarterback's comeback is in the first stages. The Atlanta Falcons, looking to make the biggest mistake ever, are trying to trade Vick according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Coach Ryan is an unapologetic Vick supporter, but has some slight concerns. Let's be real here, there are probably only a handful of teams that could acquire Vick and actually play him.

The Redskins, Raiders and Cowboys all have owners who don't give a fuck about their team's image, and always have a knack for raw talent. It would suck to see him where any of those uniforms. However, all three teams have big money invested at the QB position. Although Aaron Campbell's contract with Washington is nearing its end.

Coach Ryan knows of a little squad in Michigan that needs a quarterback- let's get that shit done, son. Of course, bringing in an inmate to the locker may pose some problems. Who knows what kind of mindset Coach Ryan's boy is coming out with. People will just have to adjust to some things.

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