Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre Is Dust In the Wind

And so the Kellen Clemens Era begins in New York. King Douche is calling it quits according to ever media outlet in the country, althought Ed Werder appears to have learned first. It remains unclear if Jason Witten was the intial source.

Chris Mortensen took Werders new and "broke" it on Mike and Mike in the Morning after Greeney updated everyone on the call letters, time and weather.

As far as Favre goes, good thing you came back. Coach Ryan isn't sure what exactly that last year was all about, between not talking to any of your teammates, and single handedly eliminating you team from the playoffs down the stretch, especially in the last game of the year against the Dolphins. Somehow Favre thought that his lasting legacy would be throwing a pick against the Giants in OT of the NFC Championship. Coach Ryan was pretty sure people would forget that and remember that the Packers were garbage the two years before that and Favre ressurrected them.

But some how this seems more fitting for a pill popping booze hound like Favre. Unretiring, alienating himself from his favorite team, and captaining one of the best collapses in this decade is the kind of whimper you can really hang you hat on.

Good bye Brett. Now stay dead.

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